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How to rip a DVD to Windows PC, USB or Mac? Easy Guide!

There are lots of reasons why you might want to rip and copy a movie from a DVD and store it on your computer. You might want to watch a new DVD on your iPad or tablet (which do not have DVD drives); you might just want to backup your expensive movie collection; another reason might be that your DVD collection is bulging and you want to free up some room in your house (a 1TB hard drive full of movies could save a huge amount of cubic meters in your house). Whatever the reason, here's how to rip DVDs to your Mac or PC. 

If you are encountered with DVD incompatibitly problems mentioned above after Windows 10 install, there are two simple solutions for you. And before we start to learn how to rip a dvd on windows 10 stably, I just want to remind users who still hesitate to install Win10 that the date for the free Windows 10 upgrade is looming. Although we've used Handbrake here, it's not the world's most user-friendly application. Pavtube DVDAid is an alternative. Visit ourHow to rip DVDs with Windows 10 using Pavtube DVD Ripper guide. 

Handle Three Ways of Rip DVD on Windows 10 

Method One: How to rip a DVD on Windows 10 with Pavtube 

To be honest, free DVD ripping software is preferred choice to convert DVDs, for example the famed HandBrake skilled at DVD to MP4/MKV/Apple/Android conversion on multi-platforms. Despite of how many users thumb up HandBrake, I should remind you to notice that HandBrake is not available to rip copy-protected DVDs and various HandBrake not working errors may bother you. 

Best DVD Ripper for Windows 10 

Fortunately, there is another great solution at hand: Pavtube BDMagic. The easy-to-use yet professional DVD ripping software has been updated to support Windows 10. Running on both the 32-bit and 64-bit versions, along with Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, it enables users to rip any DVD disc - even those that have been region-locked or copy-protected - and convert the files for use on a huge range of smartphones, tablets, media players and smart TVs. It can handle all the most recent encryption technologies, including region codeDisney copy protectionCSS encryption, Sony ArccOS protection, and it's updated continuously to handle any new protection schemes. Don't hesitate to get it now and follow the easy steps below to make your DVDs playable anywhere in Windows 10. Read the review

Guide: How to Rip and Convert DVD on Windows 10 

Step 1. Load DVD movie 

Insert a source DVD in the DVD drive. Install and launch the excellent Windows 10 DVD Ripper, click disc button to load DVD movies. As you see, DVD disc, ISO, IFO and DVD folder are also supported. You can select subtitles and audio track (English, French, German, Spanish...) for each chapter. 


Step 2. Set output format 

Click on "Format" bar to select output format. Here you can choose rip DVD to .wmv, mpeg-4, mpeg-2, mpg, flv, avi, mkv, etc on Windows 10. 

Note: If you want to rip DVD to Galaxy S6/S6 Edge, Galaxy Tab, Nook HD, PS4, iPad, Xbox and more media devices, just directly choose the preset profiles. 

Tips: More features of the versatile Windows 10 DVD Ripper 

a. Before conversion, you can go to the “Settings” to set the parameters for your movie. To compress the file size, adjust the parameters to be smaller. 

b. You can choose the subtitles which you want to keep. Just click the drop down menu after “Subtitles” to select your desired one. 

c. Click Edit button and you can trim, crop or adjust the video with the built-in video editor to get the very part and effect of the DVD movie you want. 

Step 3. Start converting DVD on Windows 10 

Click "Convert" button to start DVD conversion on Windows 10. After conversion, click "Open" to find the converted movies for playing, organizing, streaming and sharing. 

Free Download and trail: 


Other Download: 

- Pavtube old official address: 
- Cnet Download:

Moreover, what else this best DVD ripper for Windows 10 can do for you is that it also enables you to rip DVD to iPhone, DVD to iPad, DVD to tablet, DVD to Samsung, etc. Enjoy your digital life at anytime and anywhere. 

Method Two: How to rip a DVD with Handbrake 

1. To rip a DVD you have to download specialist software, don't panic though, we've found some DVD ripping software that is free and works brilliantly. Simply go to and select the link for your operating system (Mac, PC and Ubuntu), then install the Handbrake software when the download is complete. 


2. The next thing you need to do is insert the DVD you want to rip into your PCs optical drive and then open the Handbrake program. You then need to click on the Source button located in the top left of the window. 


3. From here you need to locate and select the DVD drive and click open. 


4. Now that you have selected the DVD that you wish to rip, you need to set a destination folder for the ripped content to be saved in. This can be done by clicking on the browse button on the right hand side of the window. 


5. The last thing of note that needs doing is choosing the file preset for your ripped DVD. Handbrake comes with a good list of standard presets for you to chose from (like mp4), so you can rip a DVD to the correct format for popular mobile devices (iPad, Android and more). 


6. Now you have the Source, the Destination folder and have set which file format you want the DVD to be ripped to, the next and final task is the easiest off all; simply hit the Start button at the top of the Window and let Handbrake do the rest. 

Method Three: How to rip a DVD with DVD Shrink 

Note: some poeple - but by no means all - have reported issues with DVD Shrink installed malware onto their computers. If in doubt do not download this program, instead use the Handrake software featured above. 

1. Download a DVD ripping program. There are hundreds of these programs available for download on the internet, some will require you to pay for them, some won't. We've found and tested a program called DVD Shrink, this is free and easy to use. 


2. Once you have installed DVD Shrink, click on the 'Open Disc' icon near the top rleft of the window, then ensure you have selected DVD drive you want to rip the movie from. 


3. Before you start ripping a DVD you might want to 'Shrink' the file size of your ripped DVD. The smaller the file, the more the quality will be affected. If you wish to do this, click on 'Edit' > 'Preferences' and in the drop down box on the new window select 'Custom' and then enter your desired file size. 


4. To avoid ripping unwanted DVD titles of trailers to your storage device, click on 'Re-author' at the top of the window, then open the 'DVD Browser' tab, after that you need to locate and select the file that is the biggest. This will more often than not be the movie/content you are looking for. If you are unsure, you can preview the file in the bottom left of the screen. 


5. Click on the 'Backup!' button at the top of the window. A new sub-window will then open asking you where you want to save the file. Once you have chosen the file's destination, click 'Ok' and DVD Shrink will start to rip the content on your DVD. A normall DVD should take between 30-50 minutes to rip.



Use the Pavtube BDMagic will be the most professional way which can save your times, just enjoy it and you can also convert DVD movies to MP4, WMV, AVI, MOV, etc or copy DVD video to iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, Android devices, PSP, etc on the new Windows OS. Have fun! Here, you can find the best DVD ripper for Mac.

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