Friday, February 19, 2016

Play Oscars MKV Files With Panasonic Viera TV from USB/DLNA Devices

“Can I watch Oscars MKV Movies on Panasonic Viera TV through USB?” Facing the same problems when playing Oscars MKV files on Panasonic Viera TV from USB/DLNA Devices? If so, simply follow this tutorial to help you out! 
Maybe you have bought a Panasonic Viera TV and wanted to play downloaded 2016 Oscars Movies on Viera TV through USB port, but it is not so easy to play any videos through USB, because a lot of Viera TV users have reported that many video formats are not supported by Viera TV, such as MKV, WMV, M4V, AVI, MOV, FLV, MPG, MTS, etc. in this case, if you have movies in these unsupported video formats, you’d better not transfer them to USB flash drive and then play MKV on Panasonic Viera TV directly, or you will meet with video playback issue, which just like the problem showed above. 

For your information, an MKV is just a container format, holding video, audio, image or subtitle files in it. The video and audio files in different MKV files can be encoded with different codecs. For example, an MKV file with DTS audio can't be rendered on Panasonic Viera TV. What if you really want to watch MKV files on Panasonic Viera TV? Luckily, the problem is easy to solve - all you have to do is convert the MKV videos to a fully compatible format with Panasonic Viera TV. 

Luckly, it's very easy as long as you have a professional MKV to Panasonic Viera TV converter. Here, Pavtube Video Converter Ultimate is a good choice. You can input any MKV file, even in H.265 codec to this MKV to Viera TV converter. It can export nearly all video formats you have all seen. The most important thing is that it has a TVs profile which offers you the best preset for your Viera TV. Here is review

Mac users should turn to the equivalent iMedia Converter for Mac which can make you convert MKV to Panasonic Viera TV on El Capitan

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Step 1. Import Oscars MKV videos

Launch the program, click “Load file(s)” or “Add video” to load the MKV video file you want to convert to Panasonic Viera TV into the program.

Step 2: Choose suitable format

From "Format" drop-down list, scroll down to select "HD Video" > "MKV HD Video(*.mkv)" as output file format for Panasonic Viera TV. You can also click “Format” and navigate to “TVS” profile. Here lists the main four TV brands (include: Samsung, LG, Sony, Panasonic etc).

Step 3: Advanced settings

Click “Settings” button to customize the output video and audio settings by yourself. But if you are not good at it, you’d better use the default parameters, they will ensure you a good balance between file size and image quality basically. You can change the resolution, bit rate, frame rate as you need. If your source MKV are 4K solution, you can keep the original 4K solurion or down-convert ultra HD 4K to 1080p.

Step 4: Start the MKV conversion

Press on “Convert” to start to convert MKV to Panasonic Viera TV supported format. Once the process ends, open the output folder to locate the video.

See, with just three simple steps, you will never need to worry that you can’t play MKV file on Panasonic Viera TV. So just try do some Oscars MKV video processing before you play this MKV file on Panasonic Viera TV and other TVs. Learn >> How to Play Movies From USB to a TV.

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