Friday, August 8, 2014

Sync deleted Contacts to iDevice with the new function of iFonebox

The updated new function of iFonebox allows you to sync deleted contacts to iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

“As I was using the phone, the phone went through a 'supernatural' moment - flickering etc. and then the contacts was empty. Even the favorite had numbers and not names.I shut down the phone and restarted it but to no avail. Now, just as suddenly, the contacts are back! But not all of them. How to get my lost contacts back to my iPhone?”
sync iphone contacts
Are you facing the trouble of losing all the contacts in your iOS device? Do you regret to deleted one important contact? Due to its complex data files and data structures, many people and developer think it is almost impossible to recover deleted idevice contacts and even sync them back to device just like they were not deleted.

In fact, while you lost or delete the contacts in your idevice, they will be still in the memory of your device which are just invisible. The only way to get them back is with the help of an ios contacts recovery software.

Thanks to the advanced technique of iFonebox, which could help these contacts lost users to recover their contacts. On Aug 5, the updated version came out and the latest version is suppose to transfer these recovered deleted contacts back to your device. What’s more, before the sync,you could do some edit to your deleted contacts, such as add the related contacts, address,birthday etc.
main interface of new ifonebox

Read this article to get the detailed info about how to recover deleted contacts and transfer them back to device.

Download the latest version here:

Win: iFonebox
Mac: iFonebox for Mac