Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Ideas for Storing 1000 DVDs in Super Small Apartment- Cool and Creative!

If have huge DVD collections in hand, here a few cool and creative DVD storage solutions to store thousands of DVDs in small places.

Q: My husband collects books, records, and DVDs. After years of trying to streamline, we still have two ten foot tall bookcases filled a couple rows deep with books and three mismatched CD racks scattered throughout the apartment, each holding at least 250 DVDs, not to mention a couple hundred more stashed in various drawers. The problem is that we live in a tiny, narrow tenement apartment. I've been working hard to de-clutter and to cultivate a home that feels cozy but not cramped. Any ideas? Please help!

DVD Storage Ideas 
In fact, it may take you great efforts to declutter and to cultivate a home to make it tidy but not cramped. If you have a mountain of collections scattering around the room and run out of ways to store those DVDs, now you can say goodbye to the stubborn piles as here some smart and creative DVD storage ideas are shared with all you guys to store thousands of DVDs in your tiny apartment.

Unique Digital Idea for DVD Storage
Digital Idea for DVD Storage

To keep thousands of DVDs intact without taking up any space, one of the perfect DVD storage solutions goes to digitize your DVD collections. With Pavtube BDMagic for Mac, you can store as many DVDs as you want in your computer or other devices, with the DVD movie quality untouched and no space occupied. Besides, you can crop the black bars, add special video effects, split or merge videos, etc. as you like with the built-in editor. The windows version  is here
Other Cool DVD Storage Ideas
Other Cool DVD Storage Ideas

1. Hide DVDs in DVD Storage Units like Bench, Bed etc

Bed offers a lot of space for you to store DVDs. You can just install a drawer under the bed to fit more DVDs while stay easy to retrieve them when needed. Also, the bench used as the landing place to sit and put on shoes in the entryway is another good place to store DVDs.

2. Put DVDs on DVD Storage Shelves

As a matter of fact, you can add some special visual interest with wall mounted DVD storage racks, also known as floating shelves by mounting them on the wall in a way to create creative letters or designs. Besides, the DVDs can also be sorted by colors or some other style to make it more creative.

For your reference: If you have bought tons of movies like Jurassic Park, Disney, The Expendables 3, 2014 27th European Film AwardsTop 10 Steven Spielberg movies, you can backup these DVD collections to hard drive, convert them to portable devices, store them in other memory device and even upload them onto cloud to get rid of any possible physical damages.

Note: Whichever DVD storage solutions you have selected to organize DVD collections, for better accessibility purpose, you are suggested to organize them by certain category like alphabet, genre, mood etc. And tabs can help you easily find the disc you want.

Sum: While it is good to see that DVDs are getting smaller and smaller which makes the storage of them much easier, among those genius and creative DVD storage ideas, you are still suggested to make a digital copy of your DVD collections with a proper DVD ripper.