Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Why didn't DVD play on my computer?

Hello DVD fans! Have you encountered "wrong region" problems when playback DVD on computer?

We all know that a region 1 DVD cannot playback on region 2 DVD player or computer due to region code issue. It's what film distributors used to control aspects of film release, including content, box office, price or so, according to the region.

Here is a DVD region code map worldwide:

In most computers, region code restriction is written to DVD drive firmware. If you didn't set it properly, you cannot playback most DVDs even if this DVD drive is transferred to another computer. WinDVD offers five times to allow you change DVD drive region code, for example you can change your DVD drive to region 1 to play a region 1 DVD. But note if the number of allowances reaches zero, the region last used will be permanent.

Okay here is a brief guide of how to change DVD region code:

1) Open My Computer;

2) Right click drive-> Select Properties;

3) Select the one you are trying to use -> then click the "Properties" button;

4) Select the "DVD Region" Tab to set the region & change "Current Region" to "Region 1".

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