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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Best iPhone 5 data recovery software to extract data from damaged iPhone 5 on Mac

Damage your iPhone 5, although have backups on my computer, every software says that they are corrupt, how to retrieve these data? iFonbeox for Mac would be the best choice!

“Recently I dropped my iPhone 5 in the pool for a dunk and completely damaged my iPhone. I have backup on my computer but every software says that they are corrupt except iFonebox. It sees all my photos and documents and data.”

This is said by one of our customer. If you drop and damage your iPhone 5, luckily that you have backup on your computer, you must want to retrieve photos and documents of damaged iPhone 5. There are many iPhone 5 data recovery software in the market, but most of them could not help you to extract documents successfully. At this time, iFonebox for Mac could stand out as its professional function of retrieve photos and data from iTunes backup of a damaged iPhone 5

Now, let’s see how does iFonebox for Mac work to retrieve photos and documents from iTunes Backup of damaged iPhone 5 on Mac. If you are a windows user, you could download the free trail version and follow below steps to extract all the data in your iPhone 5 backup.

Win: iFonebox
Mac: iFonebox for Mac

Retrieve photos and documents from iTunes Backup of damaged iPhone 5 on Mac

Step 1: Choose Recovery Mode

After download the iPhone 5 data recovery software, launch it and you will see the interface as follows. Choose “Recover from iTunes Back” as the recovery mode.

Step 2: Choose iTunes Backup File

Then the software will pop up an interface to ask you choose your iTunes Backup file, once you backed up your ios devices to your Mac, all the backup files will be displayed in the interface. Double click the backup file of iPhone 5 or choose it and then “Start Scan” to begin the scanning.

Tip: The scanning time depends on the database of your iTunes backup, just wait a while for the scanning.

Step 3:  Preview and Recover photos and documents

When the scanning is finished, all the photos and documents in your iPhone 5 backup files will be showed in categories one by one. Click “Camera Roll”, you could preview all the photos and videos in your backup. And you could preview other data like contacts, messages, notes, etc. as well.

Tip: If you use the full version, you could enter the registration code to restore all the data to your Mac.

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