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Monday, November 10, 2014

Load YouYube Videos to iTunes (M4V,MP4, MOV) on Mac?

As YouTube fans, you must want to know how to download your YouTube Videos to iTunes as M4V, MP4 or MOV, let’s together see how-to.

Why we all love YouTube so much? Mainly we get the fun or significant information from YouTube and it is so hot! Sometimes, we would download YouTube videos for a enjoyment on our handle tablets or phones, right? But the only disappointing point is that we can't enjoy these YouTube videos offline. And as Mac users, we used to use iTunes to manage our media files including video and audio files.

For those Mac users, it would not be easier to load videos or music to iTunes and import them to iPhone or iPad, etc. Today, what I want to tell you is how to make YouTube videos compatible with these devices. The professional easy-to-use YouTube to iTunes Video Converter for Mac can do you a big favor with a hassle free experience. It offers you ultra-fast conversion speed, loss-less video quality, extremely easy conversion steps. Let’s see how it works:

Firstly, load your YouTube video files to this program. When you downloaded the YouTube videos on your computer, just directly drag or drop your YouTube videos to the Mac application. Or you can tap the ‘Add Video’ and ‘Add from folder’ to the successfully put your files in.

Next, let’s select the compatible output formats for iTunes. For example, go to the ‘Common Video’ to select ’M4V MPEG-4 Video (*.m4v)’ as the best. In other ways, you can search ‘MP4’ or ‘MOV’ in searching box there, any output formats there for Apple devices id okay!

Note: Have several FLV movie clips and want to combine all of them so that you can enjoy a long movie without interruption? Just check ‘Merge into one’. The smart YouTube to iTunes Mac software additionally offers some useful edit functions to enhance your video

Finally, when we have all the preparation done, we can tap the ending item ‘Convert’ to finish our work. If you have any other opinions or suggestions, you leave them below and we will give you response as soon as possible.

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