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Friday, November 14, 2014

Easy solution to convert XviD/DivX videos to iPad Mini 3 on Windows 10/Yosemite

Following is a brief guide on how to convert unrecognized video files AVI(Xvid/DivX) to supported format of iPad Mini 3 on Windows 10/Yosemite.

The iPad Mini 3 is a curious beast. Both the display and battery life are excellent, and the addition of Touch ID takes care of our biggest complaint from last year. Yet the limit to video format still and will always exist for the reason of developer’s benefit. Since Apple users are not all surprising the fact that Apple products only accept videos in MPEG4/H.264/M4V formats.
Convert Xvid/Divx AVI to iPad Mini 3

When you get some Xvid or DivX AVI videos, it's hard to transfer and play these AVI on iPad Mini 3. Thouht there is no official XviD/DivX player for iPad Mini 3 to make our life easier, there is still easy solution to make XviD/DivX AVI playable on iPad Mini 3, no matter on Windows 10 or Mac OS X Yosemite.

To add Xvid/Divx videos to iPad Mini 3 for playback, you requires to encode AVI to iPad Mini 3 supported video format. Then the AVI to iPad Mini 3 Converter for Win/Mac here is recommended which is specially offered for you to achieve your goal of Xvid/Divx AVI to iPad Mini 3 conversion in an easy way. It enables you to encode and convert Xvid/Divx AVI to iPad Mini 3 preferred format with best quality output video. (Read Best Mac Blu-ray Ripper Review for iOS  devices)
Tutorial on encoding Xvid or DivX AVI files to iPad Mini 3 on Windows 10/Yosemite

Step 1. Run the iPad Mini 3 AVI Converter to import your .avi files to it. This program supports batch conversion.

iPad Mini 3 AVI Converter 

Step 2. Click on Format, and from the dropdown menu, select iPad > iPad Mini HD Video(*.mp4) that is the optimal output format for iPad Mini 3.

best video format for iPad Mini 3 

Step 3. To get a full-screen and HD video for iPad Mini 3, tap the Settings button to modify the video resolution, video/audio bitrate for your iPad Mini 3.

a. For your 1080p source video, keep the video size as 1920*1080, set video bitrate as 5000-6000fbps is proper.

b. For 720p HD video, we recommend 1280*720(720p HD) video size and 3000-4000fbps video bitrate.

best video settings for iPad Mini 3 

Step 4. Press the Convert button; it will start to convert Xvid or DivX AVI to iPad Mini 3 on Windows 10/Yosemite immediately.

When the conversion ends, click “Open” button to get the generated h.264 .mp4 movies and then sync the videos to iPad Mini 3 via iTunes. Later, playing Xvid or DivX AVI moives on iPad Mini 3 will be so much easy for you.


1. If necessary, tick off the "Merge into one file" box that helps you merge multiple AVI video files into single one file.

2. If you wanna split your large video, it's also an easy task. Just click the "Split" button and it will help you make it.

3. It's worth mentioning that, this tool supports NVIDIA CUDA and ATI Stream (AMD APP) acceleration technologies. If your computer running on a CUDA-enabled Graphics card, or an AMD graphics card with AMD APP technology, the conversion speed will be much faster.

4. If you are disc lovers, you can also watch your Blu-ray, DVD on iPad Mini 3 or put Blu-ray ISO and DVD ISO/IFO to old iPad Mini 2 for enjoying.