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Friday, August 25, 2017

Play Any 4K Video on Plex Media Server

Watch how Plex makes it possible to enjoy all of your media, whether in your living room, the car, or on a boat in the South Pacific! Plex stands out of its class, which has completely overhauled its media streaming software for living room and replaces Plex Home Theater and delivers a host of new features such as 4K playback support. From Plex official website, we get this information:"Plex Media Player automatically detects the resolution of your screen and draws the interface accordingly. The app also supports playback of 4K video files using the H.264 (AVC) codec in most containers, so long as your computer is powerful enough to decode it. "

From above, to play 4k videos on Plex Media Server successfully, the premise is that 4k video must be encoded with H.264/AVC codec, besides that, you must have a powerful computer which can decode 4k smoothly.

In our daily life, there are many ways to get 4k videos, like 4k source from DJI drones, downloaded from YouTube, shot by 4K device recorders. All those 4k video could be in different container file formats such as 4K AVI/WMV/MP4/MOV/MKV/TS/MXF/XAV/ XAVC S or codec like H.264, H.265, Prores, etc. To play any 4k video on Plex Media Server, here we recommend you a shortcut -  transcoding the incompatible 4K video to Plex Media Player readable 4K H.264 codec. Pavtube Video Converter for Windows/Mac is a professional video transcoding software which can solve "play any 4k video on Plex Media Player" problem easily.

Analysis of Playing 4K on Plex Media Server

4K transcoding is a very intensive process, and it will be CPU comsuming when you running Plex Media Server to play 4k video. If your happens to run a slow computer, you can easily suffer video stuttering or lagging issue when using Plex Media Player to view the 4K video, unless you are running a powerful computer.

To solve this problem, it would be essential for you to perform a codec transcoding and format file size compression process. It would be a great hassle for you to do the codec transcoding and another program to do the file size compression process. Pavtube Video Converter could help you to compress video files size in just few clicks. Its all-round features are not limited to here, keep reading.

Features of Pavtube Video Converter

For fast computer with powerful CPU, Pavtube Video Converter has enhanced media compatiblity with all 4K container file formats and codec listed above. You can load 4k video into the program and then efficiently convert them to Plex Media Player readable 4K H.264 file formats for playback. By the way, batch conversion is also available.

For slow computer, the best way is to use Pavtube Video Converter to  compress 4K to 1080p, then you will get a higher level playback experience when wathcing 4k video on computer via Plex.

The place you need to compress 4k is not only on computer, if your TV doesn't support playing 4k video whereas you have shot some wonderful recordings, now you can perform 4k video compressing then play them on TV. Compression features also be applicable to massive device like iPhone, Samsung Galaxy Note8, Eve V, game console, and more.

Moreover, compare with compress, you are also able to upscale video by adjust video settings like changing 720p to 1080p. This program supports you to import 200+ kinds of video files and output hundreds of video/audio files for various devices, like AVI, WAV, MKV, MP4, MOV, etc.

Professional editing function allows you make your personal video by trimming, cropping, adding text/image/video images, inserting SRT/ASS/SSA subtitle into source video, etc.

What is worth mentioning, batch conversion and GPU acceleration can largely save your energy and time.

Step by Step to Convert and Compress 4K for Plex Media Server Smooth Playback

Step 1: Load 4K video.

Download the free trial version of the program. Launch it on your computer. Click "File" menu and select "Add Video/Audio" or click the "Add Video" button on the top tool bar to import 4K video files into the program.

Input 4K video

Step 2: Define the output format.

Clicking the Format bar, from its drop-down list, just output Plex Media Player playable 4K format ""H.264 High Profile Video(*.mp4)" under "Common Video" main category. Or you can select other formats as you like.

high profile h.264

Step 3: Adjust video settings

 Click "Settings" to open "Profile Settings" window, from "Size(pix)" drop-down list, select "1920*1080" to compress 4K to 1080p.


Step 4: Begin the conversion process.

After all setting is completed, hit the "Convert" button at the right bottom of the main interface to begin to convert and compress 4K to Plex Media Server compatible file codec and file size resolution.

When the conversion is finished, click "Open Output Folder" icon on the main interface to open the folder with generated files. Then add converted files to Plex for playing smoothly.

Friday, July 21, 2017

Play 4K MXF with multi-track on PC/Mac

Material eXchange Format (MXF) is a container format which can bundle together multiple video, audio and program data then makes a lossless file format with large size. As it is widely used in high definiton camcorders such as Panasonic P2 series, Sony XDCAM series or Canon XF series. As we all know, 4K MXF shot by UHD camcorders is CPU heavy when you want to play it on media player on Mac/PC. No matter what kind of media player you are using such as VLC, Quicktime, Windows Media Player, etc, when you play this footage in them,most time those media player can't play them, or they can play but playback will be very very choppy.

To solve this issue, what you need is just a video converter which could help you to convert 4K MXF to massive formats which is supported by VLC, Quicktime, almost any video player. We recommend you Pavtube MXF MultiMixer after step-by-step tests and comparisons about the dozens of video converters. This wonderful transcoder supports you to convert 4K MXF files to H.264/MPEG-4 AVC, H.265/MPEG HEVC, MOV, M4V WMV, MKV files for playback on your media player.

For those people who want to preserve the multi audio tracks, Pavtube MXF MultiMixer has full support for all 4K MXF files generated by Sony XDCAM, Panasonic P2, Canon XF and Avid Media Composer, and so on. MXF MultiMixer supports import multi-track MXF and under "Multi-track video" category, you can output Multi-track MP4/MKV/MOV, and Multi-track Interlaced DV PAL video (.avi) for you to play on your media player smoothly and without lossing any channel. Before exporting multi-track format video, this professional assistant grants you to choose to mix the MXF multi track/channel audio into one or just keep them. Mixing the multi tracks/channel means you can get single audio with all channels, including the audios of background, interviewer, and interviewee.

For your convenience, the Mac version of Pavtube MXF MultiMixer - Pavtube iMixMXF is also available. The program has splendid support for the new Windows OS and Mac OS system, once you have brought this program, Official supplies free permanent update, so you don't need to worry about the problems of version and OS incompatible issue. Furthermore, the version of Mac - Pavtube iMixMXF supports 5 kinds of "Multi-track Apple ProRes (. mov)" formats for your FCP. More features are waiting for your explore...


Step by Step to Play 4K MXF with Multi-track on Mac


Step 1: Load 4K MXF files with multiple audio tracks.

Launch this assistant on your Mac, click the “Load file” or “Add Video” icon on the main interface to import 4K MXF files with multiple audio tracks into the program.

load 4k mxf files


Step 2: Output Multi-track video format.

Click the "Format" bar, swim in its drop-down list, navigate to "Multi-track video" main category, here are 4 types of Multi-track formats including Multi-track MP4/MKV/MOV, and Multi-track Interlaced DV PAL video (.avi) for you to choose.

Tip: The program also offers 5 formats of "Multi-track Apple ProRes" for FCP. And Apple Prores codecs under FCP category cannot keep multi tracks. The only way to output multi-track Apple Prores is to chose them under Multi-track Video category.

multi-track formats



Step 3: Adjust multi-track settings.

Click "Settings" window on the main interface and pop up the "Multi-task Settings", here you can ckeck or unckeck video/audio channels as you like.

Tip: Mix audio tracks: Check “Mix into one track” under the left bottom of “Multi-task Settings” interface, you can then mix the multiple audio tracks into one as we just talk above the article.

adjust multi track settings


Step 4: Convert 4K MXF files with multiple tracks.

Start 4K MXF files with multiple tracks conversion by clicking the right-bottom convert button. Just wait for a second, you can click the "Open" button of the main interface and that will pop up the folder with converted file.

After you have done all these, then you can play the 4K footage on your PC VLC, Windows Media Player, Quicktime following your heart . By the way, this smart converter offers simple and useful editing functionalities at premise not choosing Multi-track video as output files. The door of new world is opening for you.