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Top 3 Ways to Play MPG files on Mac OS X El Capitan

MPG is one of a number of file extensions for MPEG-1 or MPEG-2 audio and video compression. MPEG files can be played on many popular media players, like Windows Media Player, Apple QuickTime Player and other movie players. It also can be supported by programs such as Windows, Mac OS X, Symbian OS, Android and more. If you have an .mpeg or .mpg extension file, you usually have either MPEG-2 or MPEG-1 video And still encounter QucikTime importing MPG file issues like only audio exists or even worse - QuickTime just crashes! Hold on reading...

However, the problems like only audio exists or even worse, QuickTime just crashes may occur while you tried to play MPG video on Mac using QuickTime. This is due to different types of codec issues and the fact that there is no description available for MPG format files on Mac. Luckily, there are always solution out there that allow us to play MPG files on Mac OS X El Capitan without hassle. In this article, I will introduce top 3 best ways to get MPG files and Mac to play nicely. Read on for details. 

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Solution 1: Convert MPG in Mac OS X El Capitan With Best MPG to MOV Converter

So there is any way to play MPG files on QuickTime sucessfully? Fortunately, the anwser is postive. To convert MPG to Mac compatible MOV, M4V or MP4, the professional yet easy-to-use Pavtube iMedia Converter for Mac (El Capitanand Yosemite compatible) is a necessity. (or There are many free video converter tools out there. Handbrake, MPEG Streamclip, ffmpegX, MediaCoder, iSquint, etc. are all your choices). By installing of this kind of application, you then are able to play MPG files on Mac as easy as ABC. It helps you to change MPG format to Mac friendly format quite fast, while maintaining the good quality of the videos. Besides, there are many optimized presets for iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, Apple TV, Final Cut Pro, iMovie, etc. which of course saves your time and energy in the process of video conversion. See more tips below. 

More Features of Mac MPEG Video Converter:

* Convert MPEG to more than 50 video/audio formats, including MP4, AVI, FLV, MOV, WMV, M4V, VOB, MP3, AC3, AAC, WAV, etc.
* Edit MPEG videos before converting them. It allows you to trim or crop videos with built-in video editor. In addition, you can add watermark and subtitles to the video at will.
*Streaming downloaded videos from YouTube, Vevo, Vimeo, Metacafe, Hulu, Facebook, etc.
* Compatible with Mac OS X 10.11 El Capitan, 10.10 Yosemite, 10.9 Mavericks, 10.8 Mountain Lion, 10.7 Lion and 10.6 Snow Leopard. 

Free Download Top MPG Video Converter for Mac:


Other Download:

- Pavtube old official address:
- Cnet Download: 

Notes: If you’re Windows users and want to play MPG files, Pavtube Video Converter Ultimate is a great alternative for you. It has a user-friendly interface, which makes it very conveniently to convert MPG on Windows 10 supported video format.  

Solution 2: Use Perian Plugin to Play MPG with QuickTime

Perian is one of the most popularly used free QucikTime components to provide native support to a wide variety of file formats such as MPG. However the biggest limitation of using Perian is that it can be only used on Mac OS Snow Leopard. Moreover the latest version of Perian, 1.2.3 requires installation of QuickTime 7 which is not available for other Mac OS apart from Snow Leopard such as Mountain Lion. >> Best Perian Alternative for Mac

What you need to know before downloading Perian:

1. The latest version 1.2.3 of Perian doesn't work on Mac OS X Mavericks, let alone Yosemite and Mac 10.11 EI Capitan because Perian requires installation of quicktime 7, which doesn't exist for Mavericks and above. It also doesn't work on Mac OS X Mountain Lion.
2. With a Mac running Mac OS X 10.7, say, Lion, you have to downgrade to the previous version, say 1.2.2. The version of 1.2.3 of Perian does not support QuickTime 10 in Lion and fails to fix the loss of audio after one second in xvid files with ac3.
3. Before installing Perian, you need to remove all QuickTime Components installed on your Mac, like FFusion, Xvid Delegate, 3ivX, DivX, DivX Decoder, XviD, msmpeg4v1, msmpeg4v2, AviImporter, EX_M4S2, Casio AVI Importer, AC3 Codec, and MatroskaQT.
4. For a Mac running Lion or Mountain Lion, converting MPG video to QuickTime is highly recommended.

Solution 3: Free MPG Player for Mac – VLC

Apart from using the video converter and Perian you can also use a universal media player such as VLC player to play various types of file formats such as MPG on Mac. The VLC player works seamlessly on Mac and can be used to convert MPG format files into a format of your choice. However for seamless functioning you must ensure that you download Front Row which will allow you to import the MPG files into the VLC player for conversion. But you will not be able to transfer the converted files into other Apple products for playback. 

Now, just pick up the way as you like for playing MPG files on Quicktime Player or Mac OS X El Capitan. Enjoy! 

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