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How to Setup a New Samsung Galaxy S4 for the Beginner?

When you first turn on your brand new Galaxy S4, you're prompted to complete the initial setup. Here are the screens that you'll need to go through:


1. If you've inserted the SIM card, you would be prompted to enter SIM card PIN.

2. Next, you can select the language and access to the Accessibility menu to adjust the settings to improve the overall accessibility of the device. Tap Next to continue.


3. On the WiFi screen, tap your home WiFi network ID and enter the password to get connected.

4. On the End user license agreement screen, you need to agree with the terms and conditions and choose eitherYes or No to provide Samsung the error log data from any Software Update failure your device experiences.


5. Next, you can sign in your Samsung account or create a new account. If you would like to do this later, tap Skip.

6. On the Got Google? screen, tap Yes if you already have a Gmail account, and follow by entering the username and password. If you would like to skip the sign in, tap No, and follow by Not now on the next screen.


7. On the Entertainment screen, you can tap Set up credit card to enter your credit card information for game, video and music purchases. Otherwise, tap Not now to skip the setup.

8. On the Backup and restore screen, check Restore from my Google Account to this phone if you have previous backup the Android settings and app list to the Gmail ID that you used to sign-in in Step 6 , else "untick".


9. On the Google & location screen, you can leave both options selected.

10. On the Dropbox screen, you can sign in or create a new account. If you don't intend to do any of these tasks now, tap Skip.


11. On the Learn about key features screen, tap the features you would like to know to read their descriptions.

12. And lastly personalize your Galaxy S4 phone name and tap Finish to complete the initial setup.


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Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini Captured on Video

Thinking about buying a Galaxy S4, but you're not sure if its 5-inch form factor is too big for your hands? Maybe this video, captured by UK's mobile operator Three, will convince you to get an S4 mini instead.

In the video, we get a close, detailed look at the Galaxy S4 mini, which was officially announced on Thursday. The device is directly compared with its older brother as well as the 6.3-inch Galaxy Mega, and it looks really tiny compared to the latter, even though its 4.3-inch screen is nothing to be ashamed about.

Toward the end of the video, Three's Brendan Arndt says the Galaxy S4 mini brings the "premium and the best features" from the Galaxy S4 in a smaller package. Still, one has to keep in mind that the mini's specs are weaker than Galaxy S4's — an 8-megapixel camera instead of a 13-megapixel one, and a dual-core processor instead of a quad-core one.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini Arrives With 4.3-Inch Screen

Samsung has launched the Galaxy S4 Mini, an Android smartphone with a 4.3-inch screen and a 1.7GHz dual-core processor.

The Galaxy S4's little brother is not only smaller but, at 3.8 ounces, much lighter than Samsung's flagship phone, which weighs 4.6 ounces.

Other specifications include a 8-megapixel rear camera accompanied with a 1.9MP front-facing one, 8GB of storage (expandable via microSD cards), 3G/LTE connectivity and Wi-Fi. The phone's dimensions are 4.9 x 2.4 x 0.35 inches, and the battery capacity is 1,900mAh.


Exact date of availability and pricing for the Galaxy S4 mini was not announced.

Samsung will provide a hands-on preview of the Galaxy S4 mini at the recently announced Samsung Premiere event in London, June 20.

Monday, May 27, 2013

Pavtube DVD Ripper Update! Fixes latest DVD Load and Rip issue for iOS, Android, Windows Tablets & Phones

Pavtube DVD Ripper is the best DVD ripping software that provides movie lovers with the easiest way to rip and convert DVD movies to MP4/AVI/MKV/WMV and many other video and audio formats with high quality on Window OS. Pavtube just released new version of DVD Ripper on May 23, 2013, which makes Pavtube DVD Ripper more powerful and updated.

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New features in Latest Pavtube DVD Ripper for Windows:

1. Fixed video-audio sync issues
2. Fixed the main title detecting issues for DVDs
3. Supports latest DVD discs
4. Add more output formats for Mobile Devices

As a powerful DVD to tablet/smartphone/HD media player converter, Pavtube DVD Ripper enables you to enjoy DVD movie on your portable devices, iOS, Android, Windows based.

Ripping the latest DVD movies for iOS, Android, Windows 8 based Tablet/Phone

Step 1: Run Best DVD Ripper, and load DVD movie files to it.

Click "DVD disc" icon to load source files directly from your DVD disc inserted into your DVD drive, or click "DVD folder" icon or "IFO/ISO" icon to import from a DVD folder, a DVD IFO/ISO file stored on your computer’s hard disk drive.

Step 2: Select output format.

Pavtube DVD to iOS/Android/Windows Converter offers optimized format presets for most iOS, Android, Windows devices.

Tip: If you cannot find your portable devices under Profile list, you could also choose common profile under Androidor Windows catalog.

Step 3: Set optimal settings for the output files.

To rip DVD movies to iOS, Android and Windows devices support video formats with Pavtube DVD Ripper, you are allowed to customize the output file quality. Click on "Settings" button, and you can adjust audio and video parameters including video/audio codec, resolution, video/audio bit rate, frame rate, sample rate and audio channel in the following popup window.

Step 4: Start conversion for DVD movie to iOS, Android, Windows Tablet/Phone.

Click "Convert" button Once the ripping task is finished by Pavtube DVD to Android/IOS/Windows Converter, you can click "Open" button at the bottom of the main interface to get the output MP4 files for Android devices, and now Moms are prepared to watch the latest DVD movies on iOS, Android, or Windows 8 Tablet and Phone. 

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Latest Update! Save $26 Get Best Video Converter Ultimate for Galaxy S4, Galaxt Tab 3, Nexus 4, etc.

Pavtube offers updates for the outstanding Video Converter Ultimate on May 23, 2013 to help Pavtube members with better video/audio sync display, and this new update offers more output formats for new portable devices, e.g. Samsung Galaxy Tab 3, Acer Iconia Series Tablets, HTC One, etc. And to celebrate this new update and show gratitude to new and registered users, Pavtube Video Converter Ultimate is on sale with 40% off.

What's Pavtube Video Converter Ultimate and what can it do for you?

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What's new in the latest version?

Support latest Blu-ray and DVD movies.

Pavtube Video Converter Ultimate now support MKB v38 disk decryption, and new Blu-ray movies like:

Better video/audio synchronization and better video display.
You will get better video display without video/audio sync issue in latest Pavtube version and it is outstanding from its competitors.

Better DVD main title detecting.

Pavtube improves the performance of detecting DVD main title so you can get exact correct main movie for backup and ripping.

More output formats for Mobile Devices

It adds more preset output formats for latest Portable Devices like iPad 4, Samsung Galaxy Tab 3Google Nexus 10, etc. As for devices not included, Pavtube offers several common profiles for Android tablets/phones as well as Windows 8 tablets/phones.

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Penguin 2.0: What Likely Changed and How to Recover

It's that time again. After a long series of mini updates for Penguin 1.0, the newest version, referred to by Matt Cutts as Penguin 2.0 will be implemented into Google's algorithm. The new update was just announced by Matt Cutts on May 22nd, so we don't know exactly what changed yet. However, based on what Cutts has said leading up to the update, as well as what we learned from Penguin 1.0, we can make some likely assumptions. Please note that what follows is solely my best guess at what Google has changed with Penguin 2.0, and how to recover. New data may be revealed as tests get underway that changes the SEO community's collective knowledge.

Ever since the first Penguin turned the SEO world on its head, any major changes are often met with anxiety and even dread by many webmasters. If your website has felt the backlash and there's been a noticeable drop in rankings, don't panic. Fortunately, there are several steps that can be taken to recover and get back on track.


The Basics

According to Matt Cutts, the new version of Penguin is primarily designed to penalize websites that utilize black hat SEO techniques and reward websites that offer genuine value. Webmasters who create content that people naturally want to share and websites that visitors want to explore and return to shouldn't be affected negatively. He also stated that Penguin 2.0 should help many small to mid-sized businesses that play by the rules and avoid black hat SEO. It should also help authority sites gain traction while decreasing the rankings of sites that merely provide generic fluff.

The ultimate goal is to cut back on link spamming and hacking, while providing webmasters with the tools to fix hacked sites. Since "cluster results," where a cluster of results from the same website have been somewhat of a problem, they have also addressed this issue. Consequently, search results should be more balanced where one particular site doesn't dominate the first page of a search term.

They are also targeting certain search queries that have a reputation for being affiliated with spam (for example, "payday loans"). Sites that go overboard with advertisements or try to sneak them in under the nose of visitors may also be penalized.

In reality, it doesn't appear that Google is reinventing the SEO wheel with Penguin 2.0, but simply tightening their algorithm to provide users with the most high-quality and relevant content possible. Of course, this isn't fool-proof and some legitimate webmasters may get caught in the crossfire.

Here are some factors to consider when building links in the new, Penguin 2.0 environment.

Link Value

Although it's helpful to have a large volume of links, it won't do much good if they're from "bad neighborhoods." That's why it's so important to focus on acquiring links from reputable sites. One great way to do this is via guest blogging. As long as the vast majority of links are from trusted sites, they should act as a shield that protects from future updates.

Otherwise, an abundance of links from bad neighborhoods that use manipulative techniques can have a negative impact. If you're unsure of a website's credibility, use as tool like PR Checker. This simple tool will quickly display a domain's page rank. Websites with a page rank of 4 or higher are generally suitable for backlinks, but the higher the better.

However, Page Rank isn't always fool-proof. It's best to look at the content on the website and evaluate how useful, relevant, and interesting it is. Also, check the website's social channels like Facebook and Twitter, and see how many followers they have in each. A higher follower count is generally a good indication of quality and credibility.

Link Velocity

Another issue that Google has addressed is the rate at which a site acquires links. Except for a few select cases with viral implications, they know that quality sites usually accumulate links organically and gradually over time. If a newer website suddenly experiences spikes where numerous links are acquired over night, this serves as a red flag to Google, making it more likely the site will get "sandboxed." Search Engine Watch demonstrated this phenomenon on a line graph where any more than 75 links a day were ignored by Google.

For this reason, it's best to be somewhat conservative in a link building campaign and not create huge quantities at one time. Instead, it's better to space them out over time in a more natural manner. Basically, the velocity should be consistent or increase slightly over time.

Avoid Exact-Match Anchor Text

After analyzing a ton of data, Google and most SEO professionals have recognized the correlation between exact match anchor text and web spam. Accordingly, they have taken measures to penalize sites that have excessive links with exact match keywords in the anchor text. Since this is likely to keep tightening in the future, it's smart to keep this practice to a minimum. If your site has an excessive amount of links with exact match keywords in anchor texts, it's a good idea to edit those keywords so that they are not exact matches.

Instead, use sentence fragments and branded anchors. I recently wrote an overview of all the different types of anchor text, along with an analysis of each one and recommendations for how to properly use anchor text in a Penguin 2.0 environment.

Link Relevancy

As most webmasters with basic SEO knowledge already know, relevancy plays a big role in link quality. Links from completely irrelevant sites can hurt a site's rankings (or, at best, provide negligible value), while links from highly relevant sites should help as long as they're reputable. If you've been accumulating links from a hodgepodge of sites that have nothing to do with your industry, this could account for a decrease in rankings from Penguin 2.0. Keep this in mind in future SEO campaigns.

Here are some ways to improve your rankings if you've been adversely affected by Penguin 2.0. 

Step 1. Understand Your Link Profile

One of the most effective ways to recover from Penguin 2.0 and protect yourself from future issues is to have a full understanding of your link profile. Start with a link profile audit to identify bad links which could have caused your website to get hit by Penguin 2.0. If you're the do-it-yourself type, try data tracking tools like Majestic SEO and Open Site Explorer.

These platforms are designed to create an in-depth picture of your link profile. Some common features include backlink reports, inbound link analysis and daily rank tracking. While this wasn't all that necessary a short while ago, these tools are becoming more and more important. After understanding your link profile, you can take the necessary steps to solve any problem areas. 

Step 2. Run Backlink Checks on Sites Linking to You

In addition to checking the backlinks of your website, it's a good idea to investigate the primary sites that link back to you. This can also be done via Majestic SEO, but there are other tools like Backlink Watch and Analyze Backlinks that are also effective. This is important because if a particular site is getting links from bad neighborhoods, it will lower their link equity. In turn, this can have a negative impact on your SEO. If you find a site with poor link equity, backlinks from this site should be removed.

Step 3. Remove and Disavow Harmful Links

By all accounts, the consensus is that a website can recover and improve its ranking in time through the removal and/or disavowal of bad inbound links. Since Google's algorithm will eventually re-crawl and re-index content, a website can reclaim its position in the rankings, in most cases. While this process is usually frustrating and often time-consuming, it's necessary to get rankings back on track and climb the SEO ladder once again.

But the question is, how do you know which links to remove or disavow? You can either get assistance from a professional SEO firm to analyze your link profile and provide a spreadsheet of which links to remove, or you can try following this step-by-step guide.

Step 4. Build New, High-Quality Inbound Links

If you've been hit by Penguin 2.0, the best way to prove to Google that your website belongs in the rankings is by getting other credible, high-quality websites that Google trusts to vouch for you. You can do this by getting inbound links from these websites. There are lots of ways to ethically build high-quality, powerful links, but my favorite is through guest blogging. If guest blogging isn't an option, then here are 8 other ways to build links.


Penguin 2.0 is a tightening of the algorithm Google originally launched back in April of 2012. The principles are the same, as are the goals Google is trying to achieve with the release of the next iteration of it. If you've been hit by Penguin 2.0, follow the steps above to recover from it, and be sure to tread carefully as you move forward with your SEO initiative. Don't go for the short-term gain if it sacrifices your brand in the long-term. Otherwise, Penguin will be making a very unpleasant visit to your website.

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Android 4.3: Top 10 Facts You Need to Know

Android 4.3 can be coming as soon as a few weeks from now. Here's what you need to know about the rumored Android operating system update.

Based on recent rumors, Google's mobile development team may be pushing out Android 4.3 - an updated version of Jelly Bean - before they release Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie, the rumored Android OS update that hasn't been confirmed by Google or any Android development team. Here's what you need to know about some up and coming Android updates.

1. Android 4.3 Is A Brand New Update


According to most news reports, Android 4.3 is a brand new operating system update that most never expected would exist. The first reports about Android 4.3 came when leaks indicated that Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie would be delayed (more on that later). But, Android 4.3, at the time, was a brand new term for most people in the tech world. It seems like Google knows that they have to release some sort of update at Google I/O, since most fans and critics are expected something.

2. Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie Is Delayed

It's safe to say at this point that Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie has been delayed by Google for the time being. While many guessed that Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie would be debuting at Google I/O 2013, it seems like that won't be the case. AKAScope says that Android 4.3 shows that Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie is delayed, or else Google would have released it, and we're tempted to agree.

3. Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie May Be Attached To Another Device

However, other think that Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie is getting delayed on purpose and the reason for the delay is because Google wants to pair the Android OS update with a flagship device, like the Motorola X. This makes sense; other companies like Apple have similar tactics: Last summer, Apple unveiled iOS 6 but waited a few months until September 2012 to release the operating system update alongside the iPhone 5.

4. Android 4.3 May Have Bluetooth Low Energy Technology

Android 4.3 may have something called "Bluetooth Low Energy Technology." writes about exactly what Bluetooth Low Energy Technology really means:

"The trio will consist of HTC's developer evangelists Dario Laverde and Lance Nanek and software engineer David Wu.

"Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) on Android has arrived. Dario Laverde will provide an overview of the BLE specification and take us through HTC's APIs and hands-on demos with various devices, heart rate monitors, key finders, and multi-sensor kits (temperature, pressure, humidity, accelerometer). You'll walk away ready with the code to kick start your BLE ideas.

Next, Lance Nanek will tell us about Open GL ES 3.0, the new pipeline, updated shading language, enhanced texturing.... but more importantly, blow us away with some amazing demos!" the report stated."

5. Other Features For Android 4.3 May Have Leaked As Well

In addition, some other rumored features about Android 4.3 have been surfacing as well. Rumored unified messaging service Google Babble may be appearing in Android 4.3, which would make it a relatively big update. Similar to Apple, which has a unified messaging system that works with iPads, iPhones, Mac computers, and iPods, Google will be offering a similar service to Android users. However, according to a forum post on The Verge, an anonymous tipster says that Google Babble will actually be called Google Hangouts instead, similar to the video-messaging service available on Google+.

6. Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie Should Have Some Big Features

Even though Android 5.0 is a little far away, we're expecting some big changes. With new head of Android Sundar Pichai — who used to be the head of Chrome OS development — taking over for Andy Rubin, we may be able to expect some closer integration between Chrome OS and Android devices. It makes sense, considering the close integration between iOS and OS X for Apple devices, Google could do well by following Apple's footsteps.

7. We May See Android 4.3 At Google I/O

The earliest we can see Android 4.3 would be Google I/O 2013. Don't worry, that's only a few days — Google I/O starts on May 15th and ends on the 17th. According to Android Authority, a leaked HTC memo discussing potential Keynote speeches indicates that both Bluetooth Low Energy, or BLE, would be discussed, as well as Open GL ES 3.0 — a graphics specification that alters the UI of the operating system. Seems like Android 4.3 will be a key focus at Google I/O.

8. Google May Be Packing In Features, But They Don't Make That Much Money Off Of Android

Surprisingly, Google doesn't actually make that much money off of its Android. According to Business Insider, Google only generates $543 million from Android devices. Because the Android operating system is open-source, companies like Samsung and Amazon can drastically customize the OS and alter it.

9. Fragmentation Has Been Hurting Android Update Rates

Google has been having a lot of issues with the adoption rates for its operating system updates. Many Android users aren't able to upgrade to new updates because of fragmentation. Webopedia defines Android fragmentation as follows:

"The threat or concern that a proliferation of diverging variants of the Android platform will result in the inability of some devices to properly run apps written with the Android SDK. With a large number of custom versions of the Android platform emerging, the concern is that interoperability will be weakened as a result of the potential for applications built specifically for one variant or device not being able to work with others."

10. Android 4.3 May Hurt Android 5.0

Going off of the fragmentation issues, Android 4.3 may hurt the adoption rate of Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie. With Android 4.3 becoming available for older Android devices over the next few weeks and months, by the time Android 5.0 is released, many users will probably just be getting Android 4.3. The delays between Android updates - which can sometimes be as long as months between updates - and fragmentation issues is something Google needs to fix in the Android ecosystem so that future updates could have higher adoption rates, which will undoubtably impress investors.

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Google Penguin 2.0 Update is Live

Webmasters have been watching for Penguin 2.0 to hit the Google search results since Google's Distinguished Engineer Matt Cutts first announced that there would be the next generation of Penguin in March. Cutts officially announced that Penguin 2.0 is rolling out late Wednesday afternoon on "This Week in Google".

"It's gonna have a pretty big impact on web spam," Cutts said on the show. "It's a brand new generation of algorithms. The previous iteration of Penguin would essentinally only look at the home page of a site. The newer generation of Penguin goes much deeper and has a really big impact in certain small areas."

In a new blog post, Cutts added more details on Penguin 2.0, saying that the rollout is now complete and affects 2.3 percent of English-U.S. queries, and that it affects non-English queries as well. Cutts wrote:

"We started rolling out the next generation of the Penguin webspam algorithm this afternoon (May 22, 2013), and the rollout is now complete. About 2.3% of English-US queries are affected to the degree that a regular user might notice. The change has also finished rolling out for other languages world-wide. The scope of Penguin varies by language, e.g. languages with more webspam will see more impact.

This is the fourth Penguin-related launch Google has done, but because this is an updated algorithm (not just a data refresh), we’ve been referring to this change as Penguin 2.0 internally. For more information on what SEOs should expect in the coming months, see the video that we recently released."

Webmasters first got a hint that the next generation of Penguin was imminent when back on May 10 Cutts said on Twitter, "we do expect to roll out Penguin 2.0 (next generation of Penguin) sometime in the next few weeks though."

Then in a Google Webmaster Help video, Cutts went into more detail on what Penguin 2.0 would bring, along with what new changes webmasters can expect over the coming months with regards to Google search results.

He detailed that the new Penguin was specifically going to target black hat spam, but would be a significantly larger impact on spam than the original Penguin and subsequent Penguin updates have had.

Google's initial Penguin update originally rolled out in April 2012, and was followed by two data refreshes of the algorithm last year – in May and October. 

Twitter is full of people commenting on the new Penguin 2.0, and there should be more information in the coming hours and days as webmasters compare SERPs that have been affected and what kinds of spam specifically got targeted by this new update.

Let us know if you've seen any significant changes, or if the update has helped or hurt your traffic/rankings in the comments.

UPDATE: Google has set up a Penguin Spam Report form.

Pavtube Blu-ray Ripper is updated to MKB V38 - Rip Latest Blu-ray/DVD Movies with 40% OFF

May 23, 2013, Pavtube Blu-ray Ripper is updated to MKB V38, with more powerful features and most favorable 40% off discount at Pavtube Facebook. The discount will be expired on May 30, 2013. With the new update, this Blu-ray and DVD Backup tool is able to rip latest Blu-rays and DVDs with perfect audio-video synchronization and more output formats for all latest Android/iOS/Window Tablets and Smart Phones.

What can Blu-ray Ripper do for you?

Pavtube Blu-ray Ripper is a useful Blu-ray and DVD ripping / backup / converting tool for you to backup your favorite Blu-ray or DVD movies or make your BD or DVD movies playable on Apple TV, iPad, All SmartPhone and Tablets, HD Media Player, or other media devices. You can full disc copy the Blu-ray or DVD if you only want to make a backup in case your discs being scratched or broken some day. It's user-friendly with thoughtful features helping users to choose output format with one click; select the right language, subtitle, or forced subtitle to output; trim off unwanted movie beginning, ending, or advertisements; crop off black bars (letter box) to make the movie look better; merge or split movies to get exactly the length you want, and more.

What's new in the latest version?

Supports latest Blu-ray and DVD
The latest keys are updated to MKB V38. It now supports almost all latest Blu-rays and DVDs on market, like:

Better audio-video synchronization
The AV-Sync technology has been improved greatly. You will find it much better than its competitors.

Better DVD main title detecting
It's more powerful on auto detecting DVD main titles. Once you want to rip a DVD, just import and rip.

More output formats for latest Mobile Devices
It adds more preset output formats for latest Mobile Devices like iPad 4, Samsung Galaxy Tab 3Google Nexus 10, etc. If you can't find the right format for your device, you can now select common presets like Android Tablets 720P Video (*.mp4), Android Tablets 1080P Video (*.mp4), Android Phones 720P Video (*.mp4), Android Phones 1080P Video (*.mp4), or Windows 8 Tablets H.264 Video (*.mp4)

Enhanced CUDA acceleration
The CUDA graphic card acceleration feature is much improved and you can convert it faster than before especially when you are encoding H.264.

More bug fixing to make the program more steady and trustful.

Test the free trial version and you will find it's much more than what I told you. You will find it the best, cheapest, and easiest Blu-ray and DVD backup tool, converter, ripper, and editing tool.